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Fascinating Sydney Attractions and Things to do in Sydney Jun 06

Sydney is arguably one of the most beautiful places on the face of Planet Earth. Sydney sightseeing is always special because the city abounds with places of interest that can serve as pleasant memories which you can take back with you, when you leave Sydney.

Sydney Attractions - Sydney Harbour BridgeWhen it comes to Sydney attractions, one landmark creation which is synonymous with this city is the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The Pylon Lookout offers the opportunity to know about the history of the bridge and also take snaps of the bridge. The Bondi Beach is another popular Sydney attraction and a hot favorite among tourists. However it may not be suited to take children there because public display of affection and nudity are common on this beach. For children especially, the Luna Park is one of the not to be missed Sydney attractions. The Tango train, Prison Break and moving around the Coney Island are some of the popular rides and exciting things to do in this Sydney park.

One cannot but reach out to the Sydney Tower, one of the famed Sydney attractions. It is the tallest building in Sydney which includes two restaurants with a buffet, a coffee lounge and an Observation Deck. No other place gives you as good a view of Sydney as the Sydney Tower.

Sydney Attractions - Sydney Opera House at dawnA visit to the Sydney Opera House is simply not to be missed; the grand architecture, the royal white sails and the backstage tours will enthrall you. If you love performing arts, buy a ticket and watch interesting theatrical shows, musicals and ballet.

Taking the Harbor cruise is also highly recommended among the things to do in Sydney. You can choose from a variety of cruises for adventure or comfort travel like jet boat rides, morning coffee cruises, sunset cruises etc. Another popular Sydney attraction is the Sydney Aquarium. It is home to nearly 11,520 aquatic animals. For those who like to visit zoos, the Taronga Zoo in Sydney has some interesting species of animals like Tasmanian devils, kangaroos, lions, tigers, monkeys, koalas and more. You can also take guided tours if you like to watch animals up close. Sydney attractions promise you fun times full of comfort, luxury and adventure. For any traveler who appreciates beauty, Sydney sightseeing makes for an interesting experience.

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9 Responses

  1. so what was the cost you had to shell for the trip

  2. Hi Rahi,

    Luckily I didn’t have to shell out anything as it was a trip planned out by my friend. But I must say that Sydney is truly an amazing place to spend your vacation.


  3. Wow i think you enjoyed it allot i think ’Life is short and the world is wide’ so said Simon Ravel, and this sums up what most of us do - travel because life is short, and the world is wide! Some make this as organized and as comfortable as possible, others go with the flow. Who has more…

  4. Wow! where can I get a friend like that? I am sooooo jealous!

  5. Yes Mike, I enjoyed my vacations a lot with my friend. As you, I went with the flow and believe I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sometimes it is a great idea to travel without planning, it is not necessary to be planned everytime.

    Hi Vidyut,
    Yes indeed, I am really very lucky to have a friend like this.


  6. Looks like there is a lot of work to be done! :) Added to my RSS. Safely bookmarked.

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    Cancun Restaurants 
    Monday, 30. March 2009

    Nice post. I favorited your blog and your rss feed.

  8. insightful analysis and lively discussion here makes this blog the destination for those wanting to write creatively and think about our society and the impact we make on it at home and abroad

  9. Fantastic post, thanks a lot for the info - I don’t usually like to add comments in these things but enjoyed this post. Awesome stuff!, I added you to my favorites!

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